Did you know there are approximately 88 types of turbulence that can go wrong in a real estate and or mortgage transaction? If you would like a copy of my free report outlining all the things that can go wrong send me an email Mario@stcloans.com From the buyers/Borrower perspective there are 32 things that can wrong, from the Sellers perspective 13 things can go wrong, from the realtors perspective there are 7 things that can go wrong, from the lenders perspective there are 8 things that can wrong, the property can have 9 things that can go wrong, from the title company/lawyer there are 8 things that can go wrong, from the appraiser there are 6 things that can go wrong, and from the home inspectors there are 4 things that can wrong. Stay informed, reduce the expectations and be emotionally prepared for the home purchase ride with an experienced consultant.

If you or someone you know is looking for a great low down payment mortgage we now offer a low 3% down residential mortgage, without mortgage insurance, up to $417,000 but you need a minimum 680 credit score.
This is a great program for people getting back into the market or first time home buyers. This same program can be used for a rate & term refinance without cash out up to 95% without mortgage insurance. If you have any questions give me a call at 305-598-1600.