Though we help individuals with all types of loans, Miami-based Strock & Tanner Mortgage specializes in reverse mortgages. A reverse mortgage is a unique financial instrument designed to benefit property owners age 62 and older. It pays YOU back. These senior citizens are those searching for a method to tap their home’s equity without being required to repay the loan while they still live and reside in their homes.

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With  STC Loans, you may easily obtain and borrow against the value of your house. The proceeds do not have to be repaid until death. So, the beneficiary lives in the home comfortably without making mortgage payments. Insurance and taxes must still be maintained. Know that many seniors are you using a reverse mortgage in Miami today in order to offset their retirement. This tool allows for the optimum quantity of flexibility to resolve your specific financial requirements and needs.

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In case you’re wondering, the current economic scenario does not bode well for an increase in interest rates.

Toward the end of 2015, Federal Reserve President Janet Yellen presided over the first rate increase since the Great Recession began.  Bank stocks, along with financials in general, rallied, in hopes interest rates would finally recover, leading to an environment where rates could be increased.

Since the new year, 2016, the exact opposite has instead taken place.  Financial stocks have plummeted, now that it’s clear rates cannot continue to rise due to a jittery economic outlook.

Stay tuned. Given it’s also an election year, rates are bound to stay right here where they are.  Of course, this helps housing.

I’m Mario Quintero, your Miami residential home mortgage specialist.  I deal in all types of mortgage loans, including reverse mortgages, jumbo, conventional, FHA and foreign national.

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A reverse mortgage utilizes actuarial tables similar as insurance coverage items and borrowers get more cash the older they are. Hence, the 62 year age requirement is met.

The senior experts and specialists at Strock and Tanner Mortgage Corporation Company are dedicated to assisting you with responding to all your concerns and if the reverse mortgage is right for you, we will assist you in the process easily and quickly. If it’s time for you to put your equity in reverse to keep your life progressing, then we are also here to assist you. Contact us now!U

If you’re considering benefitting from house as a factor in your future retirement plan, you must forego the urge to move too often. Take note that for every time you move, you’re obliged to pay between 8 and 10% of the price of your house. This is based on the calculation of the commission and the moving expenditures involved in the process.

Always remember that if you’re aiming to develop long-term equity, each of the deals mentioned will cost you not only in a short period of time but more often than not, in the long-term as well.

Eventually, owning a house can be a very important type of “forced savings”. When you own a house, you’re turning your home mortgage payment into a long-term savings account. When you have this type of opportunity, you eventually develop equity in your home.

On the other hand, if you happen to take cash from that said “account” while you currently own the house, you’ll be weakening your equity. Once your equity is diminished, your retirement asset is also placed at risk.

Think of a long-term strategy whenever you move or take equity from your present home and make certain to see to it that your preferred choice doesn’t harm your retirement plan. To properly educate yourself with this, please contact Strock & Tanner Corporation. Let us arrange a consultation with you so that we may help you plan accordingly.


We now have a Stated income Verified Asset Mortgage program. It is designed for High Net Worth Highly Qualified borrowers, with 700 minimum credit score, Owner Occupied Homes and Second Home only.

The mortgage program is designed for self-employed borrowers only and it is a Jumbo loan program. Minimum loan amount is $417,001 and we go up to $2 million dollars.
Single family homes and Planned Unit Developments only are allowed for this SIVA program. $750,000 min. net worth requirement.

Based on borrower’s verified Assets, we will request 3-6 months Personal Bank Statements to support the amount of income that is stated on the Mortgage Application.S

STC Loans is a well known company based in Miami , Florida helping senior citizens secure a reverse mortgages.

What exactly is a Reverse Mortgage and why it is beneficial to seniors?

The reverse mortgage program is especially developed for home owners who are 62 years and older. This makes possible the process of converting a part of the equity of their owned homes into tax-free cash flow. This program was offered in order for them to have this opportunity without needing to sell their homes, give up the title and worst of all, face a brand-new month-to-month home mortgage payment.

To give you a scope of what this actually means; instead of making regular monthly payments to the loan provider where you availed the cash, just like a mortgage, the loan provider will pay you. You are still required to pay your house taxes, insurance coverage and other charges that are related to the upkeep and maintenance of your home.


So what does this mean for homebuyers and homeowners? Home loan rates are tied to mortgage backed securities, which are a type of bond. Many factors impact the performance of both stocks and bonds and play a role in the direction of home loan rates. For example, an improving economy, higher wages and higher inflation could all cause home loan rates to rise. However, a faltering economy or turmoil overseas could drive investors to seek out “safer” investments like bonds, which could help keep home loan rates low.

You are a senior citizen and you might be considering mortgaging your home.. You might be considering having your house as the collateral for the planned loan. Wait! Good news awaits you. Strock & Tanner Mortgage Corporation, a well known company established since 2002, is ready to help you.

Our mortgage services include reverse mortgages, jumbo, conventional FHA, VA and foreign national loans. With regards to conventional loans, we will help and assist you with a full menu of residential mortgage loan products for purchase and finance not only in Miami but throughout all of Florida.

The reverse mortgages service involves Jumbo Reverse Mortgage and Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. These types of reverse mortgages cater different rules in order to pursue each transaction.

Even if your credit may be imperfect, we offer you this service in order for you to secure your reverse mortgage. We will help all senior citizens repair their credit so they may recover from past credit issues in order to qualify. A reverse mortgage is a great tool for a senior citizen in retirement.

At Strock & Tanner Mortgage Corporation, we offer seniors a unique financial security tool. Can you imagine yourself acquiring the income you want to achieve while living in the comfort of your own home? We will make it happen for you if you consider our services.

Our professional and friendly loan officers will assist you at your convenience. We will guide and walk you through this process offers. Our reverse mortgage offers are tailored for your specific needs and requirements.

Our professional Reverse Mortgage consulting staff will assist you in a friendly manner. We understand you have different needs. We will make certain that each consultant will work with you on a one to one basis in order to guide you along the way. Everyone is unique and has different incomes, asset bases and credit histories. For more information regarding our service offers, please call us immediately and let us talk about your needs.