You are a senior citizen and you might be considering mortgaging your home.. You might be considering having your house as the collateral for the planned loan. Wait! Good news awaits you. Strock & Tanner Mortgage Corporation, a well known company established since 2002, is ready to help you.

Our mortgage services include reverse mortgages, jumbo, conventional FHA, VA and foreign national loans. With regards to conventional loans, we will help and assist you with a full menu of residential mortgage loan products for purchase and finance not only in Miami but throughout all of Florida.

The reverse mortgages service involves Jumbo Reverse Mortgage and Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. These types of reverse mortgages cater different rules in order to pursue each transaction.

Even if your credit may be imperfect, we offer you this service in order for you to secure your reverse mortgage. We will help all senior citizens repair their credit so they may recover from past credit issues in order to qualify. A reverse mortgage is a great tool for a senior citizen in retirement.

At Strock & Tanner Mortgage Corporation, we offer seniors a unique financial security tool. Can you imagine yourself acquiring the income you want to achieve while living in the comfort of your own home? We will make it happen for you if you consider our services.

Our professional and friendly loan officers will assist you at your convenience. We will guide and walk you through this process offers. Our reverse mortgage offers are tailored for your specific needs and requirements.

Our professional Reverse Mortgage consulting staff will assist you in a friendly manner. We understand you have different needs. We will make certain that each consultant will work with you on a one to one basis in order to guide you along the way. Everyone is unique and has different incomes, asset bases and credit histories. For more information regarding our service offers, please call us immediately and let us talk about your needs.

You may be familiar on the facts surrounding a reverse mortgage loan. From the word “loan” itself, you can already conclude that you will owe something to a specific company or person. However, when associated with “reverse”, what is the meaning?

A reverse mortgage loan, or house equity conversion, is available to seniors 62 years old or older. This is designed to aid older homeowners in their retirement years, when their income is not as high as when they were younger and more productive. A reverse mortgage allows the elderly to transform a part of their equity into a certain amount of money. Instant money is available to you without needing to sell your house or paying additional regularly monthly mortgage bills.

Reverse mortgage loans permit senior citizens to access the house equity they have actually accumulated in their houses. With this process, the repayment of the reverse mortgage loan can be deferred until the borrower passes away or vacates the house currently owned. Always remember that this is an amazing opportunity for the elderly to take advantage since not required to make a mortgage payment because the interest on that loan is added to the loan balance itself every month.

If you are still confused on the benefits of what a reverse mortgage loan can provide to you, simply contact me at Strock & Tanner Mortgage Corporation. We are a strong reverse mortgage company in Florida operating since 2002. The experiences we have gathered and the customers we have helped over the years provide a great representation of how we have been servicing our clients well. We are up to date on the constant changes in our field of business. We use the latest technology to close your loan process quickly and properly, conforming to legal and industry requirements. Our professional and experienced mortgage consultants will be very happy to assist you with this matter. What are you waiting for? Call us now and let us arrange a meeting with you.

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