Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You?


Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You?

While we all hope to be healthy well into our golden years in retirement, statistics indicate at least 70% of Americans 65 and older will require some form of long term care or disability insurance. As we all know, these costs can be high and literally break the bank for many seniors adding undue stress to themselves and their families.  Let us be your Miami reverse mortgage contact.

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Wouldn’t it make sense then, to plan for the unexpected?

Most people want to stay in their homes as long as possible and in their communities, with familiar surroundings. Preparing for the future with in-home care is the most viable option. Not only do we become accustomed to our neighbors and community, we want to stay close to what we know and feel comfortable with.

As we all know, health care costs are just continuing to increase. So, what options are available to seniors that will help allow finance these inevitable costs?

A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), known more commonly as a reverse mortgage, is a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insured loan.  A reverse mortgage allows seniors 62 and older to tap a portion of their home’s equity to obtain funds without having to make monthly mortgage payments.  If you have an existing mortgage, then the balance would need to be paid off using the proceeds from the reverse mortgage.  The borrower continues to own the house, and maintains title for the life of the loan. The home can also be sold at any time.  The loan typically becomes due when the borrower moves out of the house as their primary residence or passes away.  Learn more about a reverse mortgage here, on our website.

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Is a reverse mortgage right for you?  Are you still confused on the benefits this loan may provide you?  Have a look at your options with the help of Mario Quintero of STC Loans. Mario has been in the reverse mortgage business since 2002. Mario’s experience is tested and true. Mario has helped thousands of clients secure and supplement their retirement through a reverse mortgage.

Mario Quintero, principal of Strock and Tanner Mortgage, gets your deal done. Let Mario be both your trusted Miami realtor and Miami mortgage broker.

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I’m Mario Quintero, your mortgage & realtor for life. Let me be your Miami home consultant. Our office specializes in both residential and commercial real estate and financing programs. Let me help you secure a conventional, jumbo, FHA and foreign national mortgage loans. Furthermore, we can help your elderly parents secure a comfortable retirement with a reverse mortgage.

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